January 20 2016 – TLI State Statistics

By popular demand: The statistics per state for Transport and Logistics

The release of the new Total Vet Activity data provides insight into emerging trends and qualification demands in Australia. One area that has seen a significant growth in enrolments is Transport and Logistics.

In 2014 over 1 million TLI subjects were enrolled into. Qualifications in Logistics and Warehousing saw significant growth totaling 66% of all TLI enrolments. Most notable was Certificate III in Warehousing Operations, representing 49% of all TLI enrolments. 

By popular demand – we have compiled the numbers for each state.


Transport and Logistics810770107065532%
TLI50410 – Diploma of Logistics6661888133%
TLI42010 – Certificate IV in Logistics42358761107%
TLI41810 – Certificate IV in Warehousing Operations540848392755%
TLI32410 – Certificate III in Logistics4126783846103%
TLI31610 – Certificate III in Warehousing Operations32011452711365%


 New South Wales  Victoria  
 20132014 20132014
Transport and Logistics78726783560% 49982756087712%
TLI50410 – Diploma of Logistics14512996106% 4552516213%
TLI42010 – Certificate IV in Logistics1258156324% 24556853179%
TLI41810 – Certificate IV in Warehousing Operations58184714-19% 364895797259%
TLI32410 – Certificate III in Logistics26021435-45% 3704432453-12%
TLI31610 – Certificate III in Warehousing Operations204322436619% 21851327860427%
 Queensland  South Australia 
 20132014% 20132014%
Transport and Logistics97244327514237% 6769131984-53%
TLI50410 – Diploma of Logistics413208-50% 3423-32%
TLI42010 – Certificate IV in Logistics210146-30% 61124103%
TLI41810 – Certificate IV in Warehousing Operations119010814809% 32646342%
TLI32410 – Certificate III in Logistics2014778123672% 5301651212%
TLI31610 – Certificate III in Warehousing Operations61061206022237% 122754461-64%
 Western Australia  Tasmania 
 20132014% 20132014%
Transport and Logistics57047606546% 5010567913%
TLI50410 – Diploma of Logistics189378100% 2212-45%
TLI42010 – Certificate IV in Logistics1210-17% 5939-34%
TLI41810 – Certificate IV in Warehousing Operations102139897-3% 486740%
TLI32410 – Certificate III in Logistics456288-37% 352154-56%
TLI31610 – Certificate III in Warehousing Operations68511250883% 5425736%

We have online and printed resources to support each of these qualifications and will release our new STREAMLINED Transport and Logistics Qualifications early in 2016.

Looking to put Transport and Logistics qualifications on scope? Our Registration Resources can support you with your ASQA application process.

To find out more about Registration Resources please contact our Customer Support team on 08 8275 9333:

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