February 4 2016 – 3rd and final release of streamlined Community Services CHC and Health HLT resources

Are you ready for CHC / HLT streamlining? We have you covered with 280+ print and online resources now ready for purchase

Resources to support the 3rd and final release of CHC Community Services and HLT Health streamlined are now available for purchase.

Release 3 includes training and assessment resources that support 39 units of competency.

We have the largest range of streamlined CHC and HLT resources available, with resources to support over 280 units of competency and 42 qualifications all available in print and online from Catapult eLearning.

We have used the requirements for streamlining as an opportunity to review and improve our units wherever possible.

Changes you’ll find throughout the new CHC and HLT streamlined resources include:

  • updates to Unit Content where necessary
  • updates to Activities and Summative Assessments to ensure they are relevant and rigorous
  • completion of the quantification process
  • Knowledge Evidence requirements aligned with the Summative Assessment questions
  • Observation reports and Third party evidence collection tools simplified – this is reflected in the smallprint mapping and validation for each unit

View the full list of streamlined CHC and HLT units and qualifications here.

For more information on streamlining, what it is and how it affects you, watch smallprint’s streamlining webinar now.

Release 3 CHC Community Services Streamlined

Units of Competency

Release 3 HLT Health

Streamlined Units of Competency

Full list of CHC and HLT Streamlined qualifications we support.

  • CHC14015 Certificate I in Active Volunteering
  • CHC22015 Certificate II in Community Services
  • CHC24015 Certificate II in Active Volunteering
  • CHC30113 Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care
  • CHC30213 Certificate III in Education Support
  • CHC32015 Certificate III in Community Services
  • CHC33015 Certificate III in Individual Support
  • CHC34015 Certificate III in Active Volunteering
  • CHC40113 Certificate IV in School Age Education and Care
  • CHC40213 Certificate IV in Education Support
  • CHC40313 Certificate IV in Child, Youth and Family Intervention
  • CHC40413 Certificate IV in Youth Work
  • CHC40513 Certificate IV in Youth Justice
  • CHC42015 Certificate IV in Community Services
  • CHC42115 Certificate IV in Community Development
  • CHC42215 Certificate IV in Social Housing
  • CHC42315 Certificate IV in Chaplaincy and Pastoral Care
  • CHC43015 Certificate IV in Ageing Support
  • CHC43115 Certificate IV in Disability
  • CHC43215 Certificate IV in Alcohol and Other Drugs
  • CHC43315 Certificate IV in Mental Health
  • CHC43415 Certificate IV in Leisure and Health
  • CHC43515 Certificate IV in Mental Health Peer Work
  • CHC44015 Certificate IV in Coordination of volunteer programs
  • CHC50113 Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care
  • CHC50213 Diploma of School Age Education and Care
  • CHC50313 Diploma of Child, Youth and Family Intervention
  • CHC50413 Diploma of Youth Work
  • CHC50513 Diploma of Youth Justice
  • CHC52015 Diploma of Community Services
  • CHC52115 Diploma of Community Development
  • CHC53215 Diploma of Alcohol and Other Drugs
  • CHC53315 Diploma of Mental Health
  • CHC53415 Diploma of Leisure and Health
  • HLT21015 Certificate II in Medical Service First Response
  • HLT23215 Certificate II in Health Support Services
  • HLT33015 Certificate III in Allied Health Assistance
  • HLT33115 Certificate III in Health Services Assistance
  • HLT33215 Certificate III in Health Support Services
  • HLT37315 Certificate III in Health Administration
  • HLT43015 Certificate IV in Allied Health Assistance

If you have any questions about streamlining or about our resources, please call us on 08 8275 9333