Introducing Edify

Better assessments.
Zero headaches.

Deliver an exceptional learning experience to your students through fully mapped, contextualised or custom assessments, easily.

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Why RTOs love Edify

Tailor-made Assessments

Freedom to craft assessments from scratch or customise existing Catapult assessment resources to suit your specific needs.

Seamless Integration

Our assessments seamlesssly integrate with our vast array of Catapult learning resources, enhancing the effectiveness of your educational programs.​

Transform your learning materials

Take advantage of our expert Catapult team’s support to effortlessly convert your custom learning materials for use on the Catapult LMS.

"The team at ICAN Learn have had the pleasure of utilising Edify. We're really loving having the control over our assessments and the ability to edit and contextualise on the spot. The tool is so simple to use and the support has been amazing. This is another great initiative from the team at Catapult."
Tracey McCurdy
Executive Officer, ICAN Learn

Choose an edition

Edify Basic

Edify Basic is the introductory version of our assessment contextualisation software and is best used by RTOs that need to make only minor contextualisation changes within the assessments of a small number of existing Catapult units.

Edify Premium

Edify Premium is the comprehensive, professional version of our assessment creation, contextualisation, and management platform offering RTOs the ability to fully customise the Catapult resources to their requirements, as well as build their own.

If you wish to discuss your contextualisation project to determine what version is right for you contact the sales team to discuss your requirements.

Contextualisation has never been easier.

For RTOs contextualisation isn’t a point of difference, it is an audit requirement. Until now it has been costly or difficult to achieve.

Assessments of all shapes

You need the ability to cater to multiple types of assessment. Edify gives you the flexibility to assess what you want, how you want.

Better still, each section can contain multiple question/task types.

Integrated with MyCatapult

Edify can be utilised in conjunction with our MyCatapult professional service.


Contact our sales team today to discuss your specific needs and find the Edify solution that is right for you.

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