Learn how we can support your Skilling Queenslanders training

The second round of funding for Skilling Queenslanders for Work (SQW), 2017–18 is now open and applications close on 14th September 2017.

$60 million will be invested in 2017-18 to help Queenslanders develop work skills. The initiative has a range of programs on offer for Certificate I – III qualifications as well as basic education and pre-employment training.

Not-for-profit and community-based organisations are encouraged to apply for this funding.

We have resources to support 78 Certificate I – III level qualifications and 68 basic education, foundation skills and pre-employment topics, that are funded under the Skilling Queenslanders for Work initiative.

Certificate I – III qualifications we support

Business Services qualifications

BSB10115Certificate I in Business
BSB20115Certificate II in Business
BSB20215Certificate II in Customer Engagement
BSB30115Certificate II in Business
BSB30215Certificate III in Customer Engagement
BSB30315Certificate III in Micro Business Operations
BSB30415Certificate III in Business Administration
BSB30715Certificate III in Work Health and Safety
BSB30815Certificate III in Recordkeeping
BSB30915Certificate III in Business Administration (Education)
BSB31015Certificate III in Business Administration (Legal)
BSB31115Certificate III in Business Administration (Medical)

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Community Services qualifications

CHC10108Certificate I in Work Preparation (Community Services)
CHC14015Certificate I in Active Volunteering
CHC22015Certificate II in Community Services
CHC24015Certificate II in Active Volunteering
CHC30113Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care
CHC30212Certificate III in Aged Care
CHC30213Certificate III in Education Support
CHC30312Certificate III in Home and Community Care
CHC30408Certificate III in Disability
CHC30512Certificate III in Social Housing
CHC30712Certificate III in Children’s Services
CHC30912Certificate III in Employment Services
CHC32015Certificate III in Community Services
CHC33015Certificate III in Individual Support
CHC34015Certificate III in Active Volunteering

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Property Services qualifications

CPP10211Certificate I in Cleaning Operations
CPP20611Certificate II in Cleaning Operations
CPP31011Certificate III in Cleaning Operations

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Financial Services qualifications

FNS10115Certificate I in Financial Services
FNS20115Certificate II in Financial Services
FNS30115Certificate III in Financial Services
FNS30315Certificate III in Accounts Administration

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Foundation Skills qualifications

FSK10113Certificate I in Access to Vocational Pathways
FSK10213Certificate I in Skills for Vocational Pathways
FSK20113Certificate I in Skills for Vocational Pathways

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Health Services qualifications

HLT21212Certificate II in Health Support Services
HLT32812Certificate III in Health Support Services
HLT33015Certificate III in Allied Health Assistance
HLT33112Certificate III in Basic Health Care
HLT33115Certificate III in Health Services Assistance
HLT37315Certificate III in Health Administration

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Information and Communications Technology qualifications

ICT10115Certificate I in Information, Digital Media and Technolog
ICT20115Certificate II in Information, Digital Media and Technology
ICT30115Certificate III in Information, Digital Media and Technology

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Retail Services qualifications

SIR10116Certificate I in Retail Services
SIR20216Certificate II in Retail Services
SIR20312Certificate II in Retail Fast Food
SIR30212Certificate III in Retail Operations
SIR30216Certificate III in Retail
SIR30312Certificate III in Retail Supervision
SIR30316Certificate III in Business to Business Sales

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Tourism, Travel and Hospitality qualifications

SIT10213Certificate I in Hospitality
SIT20116Certificate II in Tourism
SIT20316Certificate II in Hospitality
SIT20416Certificate II in Kitchen Operations
SIT30116Certificate III in Tourism
SIT30516Certificate III in Events
SIT30616Certificate III in Hospitality
SIT30816Certificate III in Commercial Cookery
SIT31312Certificate III in Travel
SIT30716Certificate III in Hospitality (Front of House)
SIT30916Certificate III in Catering Operations

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Transport and Logistics qualifications

TLI10410Certificate I in Transport and Logistics (Rail Operations)
TLI10115Certificate I in Transport and Logistics (Pathways)
TLI11215Certificate I in Warehousing Operations
TLI11315Certificate I in Logistics
TLI20410Certificate II in Transport and Logistics (Rail Operations)
TLI21413Certificate II in Stevedoring
TLI21815Certificate II in Logistics
TLI21616Certificate II in Warehousing Operations
TLI21716Certificate II in Road Transport Yard Operations (Freight Handler)
TLI30410Certificate III in Transport and Logistics (Rail Operations)
TLI31310Certificate III in International Freight Forwarding (Operator)
TLI31616Certificate III in Warehousing Operations
TLI32416Certificate III in Logistics
TLI33516Certificate III in Stevedoring

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Resources to support basic education and pre-employment training.

Basic Education

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Professional Development – Self Directed

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Foundation Skills

FSKDIG01Use digital technology for basic workplace tasks
FSKDIG02Use digital technology for simple workplace tasks
FSKDIG03Use digital technology for routine workplace tasks
FSKLRG02Identify strategies to respond to basic workplace problems
FSKLRG04Use basic strategies for work-related learning
FSKLRG05Use strategies to plan simple workplace tasks
FSKLRG08Use simple strategies for work-related learning
FSKLRG09Use strategies to respond to routine workplace problems
FSKLRG11Use routine strategies for work-related learning
FSKNUM03Use whole numbers and money up to one thousand for work
FSKNUM04Locate, compare and use highly familiar measurements for work
FSKNUM07Locate specific information in highly familiar tables, graphs and charts for work
FSKNUM08Identify and use whole numbers and simple fractions, decimals and percentages for work
FSKNUM09Identify, measure and estimate familiar quantities for work
FSKNUM10Identify and describe common 2D and some 3D shapes for work
FSKNUM11Read and use familiar maps, plans and diagrams for work
FSKNUM12Identify and interpret information in familiar tables, graphs and charts for work
FSKNUM13Construct simple tables and graphs for work using familiar data
FSKNUM14Calculate with whole numbers and familiar fractions, decimals and percentages for work
FSKNUM15Estimate, measure and calculate with routine metric measurements for work
FSKNUM16Interpret, draw and construct 2D and 3D shapes for work
FSKNUM17Use routine maps and plans for work
FSKNUM18Collect data and construct routine tables and graphs for work
FSKOCM02Engage in basic spoken exchanges at work
FSKOCM03Participate in simple spoken interactions at work
FSKOCM07Interact effectively with others at work
FSKRDG04Read and respond to basic workplace information
FSKRDG07Read and respond to simple workplace information
FSKRDG10Read and respond to routine workplace information
FSKWTG03Write basic workplace information
FSKWTG06Write simple workplace information
FSKWTG09Write routine workplace texts

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