Provide First Aid in an education and care setting

This unit is an accredited training resource consistent with the Nationally Recognised Training requirements for Vocational Education and Training (VET) and is ideal for Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) in Australia. It consists of Learning Resource Material (instructional theory), an Assessment Workbook, and information about assessment mapping to the Performance Criteria, Knowledge Evidence, and Performance Evidence requirements of this accredited unit.

Our HLTAID012 training product is available for purchase as a hardcopy (printed) book in both Learner Guide and Trainer/Assessor Guide variants. This unit is available for enrolment and online training/assessment via Catapult LMS (Learning Management System). NOTE: If you are a training provider, please do your own validation, in accordance with your Training and Assessment Strategy (TAS).

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Unit information about the HLTAID012 training material in this resource

HLTAID012 information from training.gov.au.


This unit describes the skills and knowledge required to provide a first aid response to infants and children in line with first aid guidelines determined by the Australian Resuscitation Council (ARC) and other Australian national peak clinical bodies.

This unit applies to a range of workers within an education and care setting who are required to respond to a first aid emergency, including asthma and anaphylactic emergencies. This includes early childhood workers and educators who work with school age children in outside school hours care and vacation programs.

This unit of competency may contribute towards approved first aid, asthma and anaphylaxis training under the Education and Care Services National Law, and the Education and Care Services National Regulations (2011).

Unit mapping information

Supersedes and is not equivalent to HLTAID004 Provide an emergency first aid response in an education and care setting

Licensing, legislative, regulatory or certification requirements

Specific licensing/regulatory requirements relating to this competency, including requirements for refresher training should be obtained from the relevant national/state/territory Work Health and Safety Regulatory Authorities.

Foundation skills

The Foundation Skills describe those required skills (language, literacy, numeracy and employment skills) that are essential to performance.

Foundation skills essential to performance are explicit in the performance criteria of this unit of competency.

Unit sector or competency field

First aid

Prerequisite, co-requisite or interdependent assessment of units

Not applicable

Assessment conditions

Each candidate to demonstrate skills in an environment that provides realistic in-depth, scenarios and simulations based on child and infant casualties to assess candidates’ skills and knowledge.

Due to the nature of this type of training, it is acceptable for the performance evidence to be collected in a simulated environment.

Compression and ventilation skills must be demonstrated on resuscitation manikins, following ARC guidelines for the purpose of assessment of CPR procedures.

Assessment must ensure access to:

  • emergency action plans

  • adult, child and infant resuscitation manikins following ARC guidelines for the purpose of assessment of CPR procedures

  • adrenaline auto-injector training device

  • AED training devices

  • workplace first aid kit

  • placebo bronchodilator and a spacer device

  • different types of wound dressings and bandages

  • blankets and items to treat for shock

  • personal protective equipment (PPE)

  • workplace injury, trauma and/or illness record, or other applicable workplace or site incident report form

Simulated assessment environments must simulate real-life situations where these skills and knowledge would be performed, with all the relevant equipment and resources of that workplace/community environment.

Assessors must satisfy the Standards for Registered Training Organisations’ requirements for assessors and must hold this unit or demonstrate equivalent skills and knowledge to that contained within this unit.

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