Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the difference between a learner guide and a trainer/assessor guide?
    Learner guides are available with a companion to trainer/assessor guide. Both resources are set out the same to assist with the delivery of training and assessment. The trainer/assessor guide includes suggested answers or responses to the assessment activities.
  2. What is the difference between standard and workshop formats?
    • Standard format can be used for classroom or external learning. Content and activities are directed to the individual student and are self-paced.
    • Workshop format is designed for workshop delivery. Content and activities are tailored to groups, encouraging discussion and interaction. PowerPoint presentations accompany learning material, making in-house training easy and interesting.
  3. How often are Catapult Smallprint resources updated and what is the process?
    Catapult Smallprint resources are reviewed on a yearly basis, however updates to resources might also be due to Industry Reference Committees changes or continuous improvement suggestions. When a resource is reviewed, several steps are undertaken; the resource is revisited by writers, editors, proof readers and formatters. They then go through an industry consultation, validation and moderation process. We review dates are recorded in the version control page at the beginning of all resources.We monitor and keep up to date with all IRC revisions of training packages and aim to release endorsed updates as quickly as possible.We include a continuous improvement/ error form in the back of all trainer guide resources, allowing trainers to pass on any feedback directly to us. Any feedback received is addressed as a priority.  
  4. What are smallprint’s freight charges?
    Current standard freight prices GST inc are:
    • 1-10 resources: $20
    • 11-50 resources: $40
    • 51+  resources: $60
    Overnight delivery may incur additional charges, please contact our customer service team on (08) 8275 9333 for a quote.

    Freight charges are subject to change without notice.
  5. What is the best way for me to send my logo through?
    Logos can be uploaded to your ‘Preferences’ in the ‘My Account’ section once you are logged into the website. Logos can also be sent through to, Logos should be in a JPEG or PNG format. Image quality should be set to a resolution of 300dpi, with the smallest length of the logo greater than 354 pixels. Logos with a white background should be true white, (RBG: 255, 255, 255).  The properties of an image can be found by right-clicking on the logo file and selecting properties. Image properties should be listed on the details TAB (depending on your operating system).
  6. What are the terms for your copyright?
    UNLICENSED or UNAUTHORISED COPYING IS PROHIBITED BY LAW, COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA, Copyright Act 1968  Catapult Smallprint resources are authored and published by Catapult Smallprint Pty Ltd. The copyright of these resources is owned by Catapult Smallprint Pty Ltd and is protected by Australian Copyright Law and by International Conventions and applicable law in other jurisdictions. All rights are reserved for Catapult Smallprint Pty Ltd.  
  7. Can I arrange a licensing agreement to reproduce your materials?
    Catapult Smallprint do not offer licensing arrangements.