August 2 2018 – Make our resources your own

Personalise the look and contextualise the content of our resources FREE of charge.

smallprint and Catapult eLearning want to work with you to market your company brand, not ours.

Tailor our resources to suit your learners and have them look like they belong to your RTO.

Why personalise?

smallprint and Catapult eLearning will work in partnership with you to make the training materials you offer learners identifiably yours. They will suit the corporate image of the RTO.

Send us your logo or cover specifications. We will make the covers fit your professional look. 

Why contextualise?

Contextualise to:

  • make assessments relevant for the industry sector in which you deliver
  • support the needs of individual training cohorts
  • ensure that the assessments you use are a good fit for your Training and Assessment Strategy 

How can you contextualise?

You can:

  • develop, and have us insert, your own assessments
  • change the wording of our assessments
  • add additional assessments or delete assessments

We can add extra learning materials that you supply, remove sections that you do not require and will discuss changing the content of our resources, at your direction, so they fit specific learning contexts.

You can, if you wish, do a lot of this for yourselves by using our free, online, editable assessment tool.

What is the cost?

Personalisation and general contextualisation of assessments is FREE of charge.

Speak with the smallprint and Catapult eLearning, specialised customisation team about different branding options, contextualisation procedures and the development of a mutually beneficial partnership.