July 5 2018 – New Fatigue Management units

From 1 July 2018, new fatigue management units of competency came into effect. Any RTO intending to provide these new units for NHVAS purposes must first be approved by the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR).

Eligible RTOs are approved through a process conducted by the NHVR, and a register of NHVR approved RTOs is maintained and published on the NHVRs website.

Smallprint have the latest up-to-date resources available so you can deliver the training

  • TLIF0005 – Apply a fatigue risk management system (replaces unit TLIF2010)
  • TLIF0006 – Administer a fatigue risk management system (replaces unit TLIF3063)
  • TLIF0007 – Manage a fatigue risk management system (optional)

For more information on providing these units of competency please read the Fatigue units of competency – RTO guide (PDF, 228KB).

To apply to deliver and assess fatigue management courses TLIF0005 and TLIF0006 for NHVAS accreditation purposes please complete the NHVR approved Registered Training Organisation application form (PDF, 169KB).

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