August 5 2016- Update to 2016-17 Queensland Training Subsidies List

Update to Queensland’s Training Subsidies List

The updated 2016-17 Queensland Training Subsidies List identifies the qualifications that the Queensland government will subsidise under the new 2016-17 Annual VET Investment Plan.

The 2016-17 Annual VET Investment Plan launched in July, details how the Queensland government will invest over $810 million in vocational education and training (VET) in the 2016-17 financial year.

The Queensland Training Subsidies List outlines courses that are eligible for subsidy for the delivery of:

  • foundation skills courses and lower-level courses, which are funded to support the Certificate 3 Guarantee qualifications
  • Certificate 3 Guarantee qualifications
  • qualifications available for VET in Schools (VETiS)
  • qualifications available for Year 12 graduate fee-free participation
  • qualifications within the Higher Level Skills Program

We have resources to support 113 Certificate I – Diploma Qualifications listed on the Training Subsidies List.  All our resources can be contextualised to suit your delivery requirements via our Editable Assessment Tool.  Each resource is available online or in print for flexible delivery options.

Qualifications from Queensland’s Training Subsidies List we support:

BSBBusiness Services18 qualifications
CHCCommunity Services33 qualifications
CPPProperty Services2 qualifications
FNSFinancial Services10 qualifications
FSKFoundation Skills3 qualifications
HLTHealth14 qualifications
ICTInformation and Communications3 qualifications
SIRRetail Services8 qualifications
SITTourism, Travel and Hospitality11 qualifications
TLITransport and Logistics9 qualifications

View the full list of qualifications that we have resources to support

To find out how we can help resource your subsidised training:

Please call smallprint on 08 8275 9300 or Catapult eLearning on 08 8275 9380

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