June 6 2016 – Update to WorkReady Subisded Training list

Let us support your WorkReady training

 The new Subsidised Training List 2.0 (STL 2.0) May 2016 for WorkReady funded training will take effect on 1 July 2016. 

We can support over 65 of these qualifications from Certificate I to Advanced Diploma – with resources available in print and online.

Each resource can be edited online via our Editable Assessment Tool. You can then purchase these edited resources as printed books and / or enrol students  online via Catapult eLearning.

Qualifications from the WorkReady Subsided Training list 2.0we support include:

  • BSB Business Services – 8 qualifications
  • CHC Community Services – 22 qualifications
  • FDF Food Processing – 1 qualificaiton
  • FNS Financial Services – 4 qualifications
  • FSK Foundation Skills – 4 qualifications
  • HLT Health – 8 qualifications
  • ICA Information and Communications Technology – 2 qualifications
  • SIR Retail Services – 5 qualifications
  • SIT Tourism, Travel and Hospitality – 14 qualifications
  • TLI Tranport and Logistics – 1 qualification

View the full list of WorkReady qualifications that we have resources to support

Choose us as your preferred resources provider and benefit from:

  • access to the largest range of streamlined resources available (currently supporting over 860 streamlined units of competency)
  • flexible delivery options, every resource is available in print and online
  • the ability to contextualise resources using our Editable Assessment Tool
  • integrating our online resources into other Learning Management Systems such as Moodle via LTI

Find out how we can support your WorkReady Training.

Call smallprint on 08 8275 9300  or Catapult eLearning on 08 8275 9380

Or email us admin@smallprint.com.au

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