May 2 2016 – Release 2 Streamlined Transport and Logistics resources

TLI Transport and Logistics streamlined – Release 2 resources now available

Resources to support the second release of the Transport and Logistics (TLI) streamlined units are now available for purchase.

We have the largest range of streamlined Transport and Logistics resources available. This second release includes training and assessment resources that support 44 units of competency – this now makes a total of 93 streamlined Transport and Logistics resources that are available now for purchase.

All of our resources are available in print and online for flexible delivery options.

To view the full range of units and qualifications currently available click here.

TLI streamlined qualifications we support

TLI10115 Certificate I in Transport and Logistics (Pathways).
TLI11215 Certificate I in Warehousing Operations.
TLI11315 Certificate I in Logistics.
TLI21815 Certificate II in Logistics
TLI21616 Certificate II in Warehousing Operations
TLI33516 Certificate III in Stevedoring
TLI41816 Certificate IV in Warehousing Operations
TLI42016 Certificate IV in Logistics

New TLI skill sets we will be able to support:

TLISS00162 Driving Instructor
TLISS00175 Stevedoring Operation Induction and Safety
TLISS00178 Stevedoring Team Leader

Release 2 TLI Units of Competency

TLIA2041  Manually sort mail and parcels
TLIA3015  Complete receival/despatch documentation
TLIA3016  Use inventory systems to organise stock control
TLIA3017  Identify products and store to specifications
TLIA3018  Organise despatch operations
TLIA3019  Organise receival operations
TLIA3024  Organise warehouse records operations
TLIA3026  Monitor storage facilities
TLIA3038  Control and order stock
TLIA4031  Consolidate freight
TLIA4032  Organise transport of freight or goods
TLIB2004  Carry out vehicle inspection
TLIB2119  Carry out maintenance of trailers
TLIB3006  Carry out inspection of vehicles designed to carry special loads
TLID2003 Handle dangerous goods/hazardous substances
TLID2004  Load and unload goods/cargo
TLID2012  Operate specialised load shifting equipment
TLID2013  Move materials mechanically using automated equipment
TLID3011  Conduct specialised forklift operations
TLID3014  Load and unload vehicles carrying special loads
TLID3015  Identify and label explosives/dangerous goods
TLIE3004  Prepare workplace documents
TLIE3009  Use pilot and escort communication
TLIE3012  Consolidate manifest documentation
TLIE3018  Maintain freight records
TLIE3022  Complete workplace documents
TLIF0001  Apply chain of responsibility legislation, regulations and workplace procedures
TLIF0003  Develop and implement policies and procedures to ensure chain of responsibility compliance
TLIF2012  Apply safe procedures when handling/transporting dangerous goods or explosives
TLIF2072  Comply with safety and security procedures
TLIF3004  Organise work health and safety procedures in the workplace
TLIF4065  Ensure compliance with Australian Dangerous Goods Code
TLIG4005  Organise transport workload
TLIH2001  Interpret road maps and navigate pre-determined routes
TLIH3002  Plan and navigate routes
TLIH3004  Identify major roads, services and attractions
TLII4005  Market services and products to clients
TLIL2060  Complete induction to the transport industry
TLIL3003  Conduct induction process
TLILIC2001  Licence to operate a forklift truck
TLIP2030  Conduct courier/delivery cash transactions
TLIP2037 Carry out financial transactions and maintain records
TLIP4002 Facilitate and capitalise on change in the workplace
TLIU0001  Develop workplace policy and procedures for environmental sustainability

If you have any questions about streamlining or about our resources, please call smallprint on (08) 8275 9333 or Catapult eLearning on (08) 8275 9380

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