September 29 2016 – Skills Tasmania – User Choice Program now open for 2017

We can support your User Choice training with print and online resources

The User Choice Program is now open to Skills Tasmania endorsed RTOs looking to offer subsidised training in early 2017. Applications are encouraged to be submitted before the 25th of November 2016.

Information about how to apply and the new program conditions and guidelines can be found on the Skills Tasmania website.

We can support your User Choice training with resources for 140 qualifications across 8 training packages for both print and online delivery.

User Choice subsidised qualifications we support:

Business Services qualifications

BSB10115Certificate I in Business
BSB20112Certificate II in Business
BSB20115Certificate II in Business
BSB30112Certificate III in Business
BSB30115Certificate III in Business
BSB30211Certificate III in Customer Contact
BSB30215Certificate III in Customer Engagement
BSB30412Certificate III in Business Administration
BSB30415Certificate III in Business Administration
BSB30715Certificate III in Work Health and Safety
BSB31012Certificate III in Business Administration (Legal)
BSB31015Certificate III in Business Administration (Legal)
BSB31112Certificate III in Business Administration (Medical)
BSB31115Certificate III in Business Administration (Medical)
BSB40212Certificate IV in Business
BSB40215Certificate IV in Business
BSB40312Certificate IV in Customer Contact
BSB40315Certificate IV in Customer Engagement
BSB40407Certificate IV in Small Business Management
BSB40507Certificate IV in Business Administration
BSB40515Certificate IV in Business Administration
BSB40610Certificate IV in Business Sales
BSB40615Certificate IV in Business Sales
BSB40812Certificate IV in Frontline Management
BSB41013Certificate IV in Human Resources
BSB41015Certificate IV in Human Resources
BSB41307Certificate IV in Marketing
BSB41315Certificate IV in Marketing
BSB41412Certificate IV in Work Health and Safety
BSB41415Certificate IV in Work Health and Safety
BSB41513Certificate IV in Project Management Practice
BSB41515Certificate IV in Project Management Practice
BSB41707Certificate IV in Recordkeeping
BSB41715Certificate IV in Recordkeeping
BSB42015Certificate IV in Leadership and Management
BSB50207Diploma of Business
BSB50215Diploma of Business
BSB50613Diploma of Human Resources Management
BSB51107Diploma of Management
BSB51312Diploma of Work Health and Safety
BSB51315Diploma of Work Health and Safety
BSB51413Diploma of Project Management
BSB51415Diploma of Project Management
BSB51915Diploma of Leadership and Management

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Community Services qualifications

CHC22015Certificate II in Community Services
CHC30113Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care
CHC30213Certificate III in Education Support
CHC32015Certificate III in Community Services
CHC33015Certificate III in Individual Support
CHC40113Certificate IV in School Age Education and Care
CHC40213Certificate IV in Education Support
CHC40412Certificate IV in Alcohol and Other Drugs
CHC40413Certificate IV in Youth Work
CHC40513Certificate IV in Youth Justice
CHC40912Certificate IV in Social Housing
CHC42012Certificate IV in Employment Services
CHC42015Certificate IV in Community Services
CHC43015Certificate IV in Ageing Support
CHC43115Certificate IV in Disability
CHC43315Certificate IV in Mental Health
CHC43415Certificate IV in Leisure and Health
CHC50108Diploma of Disability
CHC50113Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care
CHC50213Diploma of School Age Education and Care
CHC50412Diploma of Community Services (Alcohol, other drugs and mental health)

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Financial Services qualifications

FNS30111Certificate III in Financial Services
FNS30115Certificate III in Financial Services
FNS30311Certificate III in Accounts Administration
FNS30315Certificate III in Accounts Administration
FNS40211Certificate IV in Bookkeeping
FNS40215Certificate IV in Bookkeeping
FNS40611Certificate IV in Accounting
FNS40615Certificate IV in Accounting
FNS41011Certificate IV in Banking Services
FNS41811Certificate IV in Financial Services
FNS41815Certificate IV in Financial Services
FNS50210Diploma of Accounting
FNS50215Diploma of Accounting

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Health qualifications

HLT23215Certificate II in Health Support Services
HLT32812Certificate III in Health Support Services
HLT32912Certificate III in Health Administration
HLT33115Certificate III in Health Services Assistance
HLT33215Certificate III in Health Support Services
HLT42512Certificate IV in Allied Health Assistance
HLT43012Certificate IV in Dental Assisting
HLT43015Certificate IV in Allied Health Assistance
HLT47315Certificate IV in Health Administration

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Information and Technology qualifications

ICT20115Certificate II in Information, Digital Media and Technology
ICT30115Certificate III in Information, Digital Media and Technology

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Retail Services qualifications

SIR20212Certificate II in Retail Services
SIR20216Certificate II in Retail Services
SIR30212Certificate III in Retail Operations
SIR30216Certificate III in Retail
SIR30312Certificate III in Retail Supervision
SIR30316Certificate III in Business to Business Sales
SIR30412Certificate III in Business to Business Sales
SIR40212Certificate IV in Retail Management
SIR40316Certificate IV in Retail Management
SIR50112Diploma of Retail Management

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Tourism, Travel and Hospitality qualifications

SIT10213Certificate I in Hospitality
SIT10216Certificate I in Hospitality
SIT20112Certificate II in Tourism
SIT20116Certificate II in Tourism
SIT20213Certificate II in Hospitality
SIT20312Certificate II in Kitchen Operations
SIT20316Certificate II in Hospitality
SIT20416Certificate II in Kitchen Operations
SIT30112Certificate III in Tourism
SIT30116Certificate III in Tourism
SIT30216Certificate III in Travel
SIT30516Certificate III in Events
SIT30616Certificate III in Hospitality
SIT30713Certificate III in Hospitality
SIT30716Certificate III in Hospitality (Restaurant Front of House)
SIT30813Certificate III in Commercial Cookery
SIT30816Certificate III in Commercial Cookery
SIT30916Certificate III in Catering Operations
SIT31013Certificate III in Catering Operations
SIT31312Certificate III in Travel
SIT40313Certificate IV in Hospitality
SIT40413Certificate IV in Commercial Cookery
SIT40416Certificate IV in Hospitality
SIT40516Certificate IV in Commercial Cookery
SIT50112Diploma of Travel and Tourism
SIT50212Diploma of Events
SIT50313Diploma of Hospitality

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Transport and Logistics qualifications

TLI11210Certificate I in Warehousing Operations
TLI11215Certificate I in Warehousing Operations
TLI21610Certificate II in Warehousing Operations
TLI21616Certificate II in Warehousing Operations
TLI31210Certificate III in Driving Operations
TLI31610Certificate III in Warehousing Operations
TLI31616Certificate III in Warehousing Operations
TLI32410Certificate III in Logistics
TLI32416Certificate III in Logistics
TLI33516Certificate III in Stevedoring
TLI41810Certificate IV in Warehousing Operations
TLI41816Certificate IV in Warehousing Operations
TLI42010Certificate IV in Logistics
TLI42016Certificate IV in Logistics

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